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"I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn't, Than to live my life as if there isn't, and die to find out there is."

 “Practice what you preach so your Pastor doesn’t have to stretch the truth at your funeral!” 

If your religion does not change you change your religion.

 Once we understand that we live within the confines of God himself we then realize once saved God can now live within us.


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The King James Version Bible king james bible online

The Urantia Book  Urantia Book

Religion in Law

Religion in Law

I had no idea how critical religion is in the functioning of democracy

 The reason why democracy works it's not just the government on earth to

oversee what everybody does. The reason democracy works is because

everyone volunteers to choose to follow the laws.

 Our whole society is built on religion because most Americans attended church and learned what was taught by someone they respected.

Everyone starting to follow the laws because they found out that they were not accountable to mankind but to God for their actions

Where are the institutions that are going to teach the next generation where to choose to obey the law is because you take away religion you can't hire enough police? If that ever did happen who would you hire?


Salvation Prayer


God, I believe with all my heart and confess with my mouth that God is real, and I make Jesus lord of my life right now, and I repent of all disobedience and turn from it. God I have been disobedient against your teachings that you taught so many years ago. I open the door of my heart and let you in. Jesus you are lord of my life and I will only serve you. I have been disobedient and perverted that which you taught and it profited me not. Lord I give myself completely to you. I need your power to live for you. Fill me with over flowing with your Holy Spirit. I receive your fullness right now. I will be and I will do what you want me to do from here on. My will is now is that your will be done. In the name of the creator father, your son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Amen.